The following services are performed in the procedure room:

Collection of all types of medical analyses;
Intravenous drip injection of solutions (drip);
Injections - intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal;
Therapeutic blockades, intra-articular injections, administration of botulinum toxin for diseases of the peripheral nervous system (performed by a specialist doctor)
Intrathecal injection of platelet autoplasm (PRP method);
Measurement of various parameters - blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, respiration;
Emergency immunity boosting by VLOC (intravenous blood irradiation).
All medical manipulations provided in the procedure room are performed both by prescription of doctors of our medical centre and by prescription of doctors of other clinics.

You can contact the Online Procedure Room to make an appointment for any manipulation you need at a time convenient for you. Each patient of our centre feels the most attentive attitude. We do not limit the time for the manipulation you need.

During the procedures, the medical staff constantly monitors the general condition of patients, and if necessary, blood pressure is monitored and the necessary assistance is provided. For your comfort, in summer time in the procedure room of Iris Medical Centre there is an air conditioner.

Iris Medical Centre has developed ready-made compositions of drips:

For headache (migraine).
"Immunity +"
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