Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine, which combines loyalty to tradition with constant development. There are different variations of this method these days, but basic principles remain unchanged:
Principle of similarity. like cures like”-the phenomenon that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people. For example, small doses of poisones can be used as medicine.
Single remedy principle. Homeopath considers symptoms together rather than separately and uses one remedy to treat several symptoms of disease.
Principle of individual selection. An illness is specific to the individual characteristics of the person. Aim of homeopath is to capture them to find a remedy, which could treat all separate symptoms of disease in complex.
Minimum dose principle. Medicine triggers the intrinsic healing response. Following this principle homeopath gives only enough medicine to initiate this response. This response then carries on, driven by the body’s need to maintain health and balance. The use of the minimum dose has the advantage that it does not produce the gross side effects so often caused by conventional treatments.
The principle of potentiation. In largely diluted drugs information is transferred from the starting substance to the homeopathic medicine.
Individual approach is one of the main advantages of homeopathy. Characteristics of the body as a whole are considered when choosing medication. Homeopathic remedies are absolutely safe, if doctor will follow the basic principles of this science. Such drugs are suitable even for small children


Homeopathy treatment allows person to get rid of many diseases. However, this is not a panacea and our experts take this into account. There are many health problems treated with this therapy:
cardiovascular diseases;
respiratory diseases;
skin diseases;
inflammatory process;
consequences of injuries;
bronchial asthma;
painful menstrual cycles.
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