What treatments are available at the “Iris” centre?

Shock-wave therapy:
Shockwave therapy is a method of treatment of bone, connective and muscle tissue with acoustic impulses of low frequency.
SWT is used to treat diseases of tendons, muscles, joints. The level of effectiveness according to the method of double-blind studies is up to 80%.
This is a method of physiotherapy involving exposure of biologically active points of the body to low-intensity red or infrared laser radiation. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, relaxing, metabolic effect.
This method provides round-the-clock support to the muscles, which reduces stress on the joints. Injured joints are held in the same position by kinesio taping. It does not restrict movement and does not impair blood circulation, as is the case after plastering.
TECAR-therapy (contact diathermy):
This is a method of physiotherapy that uses electromagnetic energy that converts into heat and stimulates metabolic processes in the skin, tissues of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs.
Ultrasonic therapy:
A physiotherapy method based on the positive effect of ultrasound on the human body. A course of procedures can improve well-being in dermatological and ENT diseases, dental problems, diseases of the genitourinary system and other disorders. Ultrasound treatment is really effective, but should be prescribed only on the indications and under the supervision of a doctor.
It is a therapeutic process that combines ultrasound therapy with the transmission of drugs through the skin using ultrasonic waves. This technique is widely used in physiotherapy to improve the effectiveness of treatment for various diseases.
The doctor can prescribe physiotherapy for almost any disease, if the patient has no contraindications. Various methods of treatment can be aimed at eliminating pain, relaxation, starting recovery processes or normalizing the work of body systems, enhancing the effect of medication

Indications for physiotherapy:

Impingement syndrome;
Trochanteritis (inflammation of the synovial pouch of the greater trochanter);
Calcifying tendinitis of the rotator cuff;
Paratenonitis, tendonitis, calcification of Achilles tendon;
Patellar collateral ligament syndrome, Achillodynia;
Osteochondrosis, spondyloarthritis;
Enthesopathies with ectopic ossifications, fasciitis, myositis;
Vertebral artery syndrome;
Myofascial pain, etc.
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