Are you on a diet? Exhausting your body with workouts, but it does not bring proper results? You don't know how to adjust your diet during illness? Have a bioimpedanceometry procedure at “Iris” Medical Centre. In order to understand how much weight you need to lose, and at the expense of what it can be done, you should undergo bioimpedanceometry, which will help to calculate:
o what your ideal weight should be;

o how your metabolism works;

o the ratio of fat to active muscle mass;

o the amount of water in the body, the reasons for its retention;

o the percentage deviation of indicators from the norm.

Bioimpedance analysis is useful if you:

o are active in sports;
o are susceptible to weight gain and obesity;
o suffer from chronic diseases of the digestive organs, kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, disorders of the glands of internal secretion;
o you want to choose a diet or evaluate its effectiveness during rehabilitation, after injury, surgery, serious illness;
o you are underweight.
It is a scanning of the human body with a bioimpedance meter, which sends an electrical impulse through the body tissues that reads the main indicators. In this way, body composition is determined.
Our latest state-of-the-art equipment will provide accurate data to help you address your overweight problem without jeopardizing your health.

How the procedure is done:

The preparation is very simple. A day before the procedure, you should not drink alcohol and avoid taking diuretics. Immediately before the bioimpedance measurement, 2-3 hours before the procedure, you should abstain from eating and drinking.
o you lie down on the couch;
o a pulse is applied, which the computer uses to measure the resistance of the tissue;
o sensors, which are connected to the equipment, are attached to your leg and arm;
o a programme processes all the data and generates the results.
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