When to appoint for a consultation

You should not delay going to the doctor if:
The skin of your feet is peeling, burning and itching;
Swelling and inflammation of the toes;
The colour and shape of the nail plate has changed, the plate has become delaminated;
The corners of the nails are digging into the skin;
There is an unpleasant odour coming from your feet;
There are "cracks" in your feet;
You feel pain when you walk;
There is a protruding "bone" in your big toe;
There is a protruding "bone" in your big toe;
The foot performs the following functions:
- safe travel, regardless of the surface on which the foot treads;
- control of movement, i.e. the ability to choose and change direction (walk forwards, backwards, sideways);
- Reduction of the load during walking, which falls on the knee, hip joints and spine.

As you can see, foot function is a lot like the wheels on a car, and foot pathology is like driving with a flat tyre. Even if the whole car is working properly you can't drive normally with a flat tyre.

Какие What problems the doctor solves:

The qualified specialists at our centre diagnose, treat and prevent diseases such as:
corns and calluses;
Mycoses of the feet and onychomycoses (fungal lesions of the skin of the foot);
Hyperhidrosis of the feet (excessive sweating);
Onychodystrophies (changes in the nail plate, nail bed and nail shafts);
Plantar warts;
Ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis);
Inflammatory diseases of the nails and soft tissues;
Rigid first toe;
Flat feet and hollow feet;
Diabetic foot.
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