When to see a dietitian?

Seeing a dietitian worth it, if you have at least one these issues:
underweight or overweight;
diabetes mellitus;
poor skin, nails and hair condition;
thyroid disease;
atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease;
stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and gut diseases;
allergies or atopic diseases;
oncological diseases;
frequent colds in children, increased nervousness;
Healthy eating makes our body function properly, which is expressed in fighting off infections, prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Do not postpone your health till tomorrow - make individual individual nutrition plan today!

What problems does the doctor solve?

Individual eating pattern can make a significant contribution in treatment of serious diseases:
phenylketonuria, celiac disease, lactase deficiency;
severe somatic diseases, postoperative period;
atopic diseases, all types of diathesis;
frequent acute respiratory viral infections in children and adults;
cancer, condition after chemotherapy, radiation therapy;
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