Allergy treatment


• The harmless technique has no restrictions.

• Precisely selected drug acts faster than standard drugs.

• No side effects or addiction.

Frequent patients of the homeopath at the Iris Clinic (South-Western Administrative District, Universitet metro station) — are people suffering from allergies who have already despaired of getting rid of unpleasant symptoms using traditional methods. To prevent attacks and alleviate symptoms, allergy sufferers have to constantly take medications, which often do not improve the quality of life, but rather the opposite.

Patients often do not notice positive results due to side effects.

Against this background, as well as due to constant stress owing to unsuccessful treatment of allergies, other ailments develop. Homeopathy gently helps to cope with the body’s atypical reaction.


Allergies are the result of a systemic malfunction of the body, so when trying to find out the cause of an autoimmune disorder, the doctor asks many questions that seem to be unrelated to the symptoms. At the appointment, the homeopath asks:

• what causes the attacks;

• how often the reaction occurs;

• how emotional state affects symptoms;

• when the patient gets better, etc.

A homeopathic physician works together with an allergist and by no means cancels medications prescribed by other doctors. However, patients themselves gradually reduce the dose strength of old remedies, feeling improvement from homeopathic treatment.

Benefits of homeopathy in treating asthma, dermatitis, food allergies and allergic rhinitis:

• Efficiency: drugs are selected individually, so they give a positive result faster.

• Safety. This therapy has no side effects, which is especially important in therapy for children and the elderly people.

• No addiction. The positive effect does not disappear over time, but, on the contrary, intensifies. Thus, patients suffering from hay fever, when switching to homeopathy, no longer react to pollen in the same way and calmly endure the flowering season.

However, you should not expect immediate healing: immune system disorders require long-term treatment, which takes several months.

The prescribed drugs perfectly complement other methods: physiotherapy, sanatorium treatment.


1. Are herbal remedies also homeopathy?

Answer: Homeopathy has nothing to do with herbal medicine and traditional medicine. It is based on the principle of similarity and memory of water and, unlike herbal medicine, is absolutely harmless.

2. Is homeopathy suitable for a child with birch allergy?

Answer: Yes, when treating autoimmune disorders in children, homeopathic remedies are recommended instead of traditional medications (or in addition to them), since they do not cause side effects. The doctor can more accurately select the drug for a reaction to a specific allergen.